"MAKTABIM" Program

"MAKTABIM" Program

Within the framework of the cooperation of the Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and the UAFA organization, the "MƏKTƏBİM" program, which will ensure the continuity of preschool education services in Azerbaijan, was implemented. The program is a social business model to open non-profit community-based pre-school groups by empowering women by introducing an inclusive pre-school model run by women and focused on children.


First of all, unemployed women who want to benefit from this project will be registered. For women who successfully pass the selection stage, UAFA will provide training on preschool education methodology. At the next stage, they will be involved in business training by the Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency.


At the end of the project, 50 participants were supported within the self-employment program to create a preschool education center.


The project was implemented according to the Memorandum of cooperation concluded between the parties.


The program is complete.