"Labour Relations and Employment" subsystem

"Labour Relations and Employment" subsystem

 "Labour and Employment" subsystem (AMAS) - is an electronic platform that creates the basis for the concentration of employers and employees, unemployed and jobseekers on a single electronic platform in the processes of regulating labor relations and providing employment, organizing work with human resources and ensuring transparency in this field.


AMAS ensures the conclusion of electronic labour contracts between employees and employers, the creation of a digital personnel accounting system, the application of international standards in the organization and protection of labour, certification of harmful workplaces, calculation and payment of labor. It includes the country's employment platform, the country's employment map and the country's register of employed persons. The management of the vacancy bank, the preparation of individual employment programs, the processes of providing employment - the organization of active labour market policies, the organization of professional training and career guidance services are the main functional directions of the subsystem. At the same time, it regulates the electronic activities of the Agency with employers, employer associations, legal entities engaged in employment mediation activities, trade unions, and implements the dynamics and management of activities by forming a register of subjects operating in this field.


Advantages of the system for citizens and employers:


AMAS serves as a single labour relations platform for all employers, recruiters, central and local executive authorities, legal entities and individuals in the country.


The advantage of AMAS for employers is that the process of creating an organizational structure, creating vacant job positions, concluding electronic labor contracts, and conducting digital personnel accounting can be carried out through the system.


The formation of a countrywide vacancy bank and the existence of an official career portal at AMAS help to find suitable jobs for unemployed and jobseekers, and enable the selection of the most suitable business direction with innovative solutions. The vacancy bank allows jobseekers and unemployed persons to match their expectations from the labor market, knowledge, skills, and social opportunities with the vacancy requirements in the system through the automatic matching function.


Automation and management of all human resource and salary operations in general from a single platform, application of international standards in labor organization and protection, calculation and payment of labor, creation of a register of industrial accidents, electronic audit and electronic penalty modules are also planned to be established in AMAS "Employment map". In addition, the "Informal employment control" will ensure the operation of a single electronic information system, which will include the identification of enterprises that lead to informal employment, conducting their risk assessment, carrying out comparative audits, drawing up an annual plan in the relevant field, registering events and sending relevant notifications.


The main goals of the project:


AMAS forms a single labour relations platform for all employers and employees and a new serious support mechanism for all participants of the labor market. Through the system, concluding labour contracts electronically rather than on paper, switching to digital personnel records, transferring other paper-based operations during labour relations (employee's personal work understanding, orders, business trip documents, staff tables, personnel records) to the digital level will create a basis for the abolition of the paper form of labour contracts, labor books, social insurance cards and reduction of physical inspections.


AMAS has a database that reflects the real picture of the unemployed and job seekers and is constantly updated. Citizens create their personal offices in the system, get direct access to the real-time information bank on vacancies available in the labour market, get acquainted with suitable jobs according to their employment skills, and get the right to apply for suitable jobs electronically at any time without applying to employment centers. The system provides an individual preparation of an algorithm-based Individual Employment Program for each unemployed person by analyzing the person's professional qualifications. In AMAS, in addition to the unemployed and job seekers, a personal cabinet is formed for those who have been hired, so that a person who has been hired or is in the process of being hired can see and manage the labour contracts concluded with him\her, information about labor activities, relevant orders, and requests to the employer in the cabinet.


In the sections that will ensure the activities of employers, the employer's cabinet, organization profile, structure, field of activity, legal address, charter, staff information, etc. information is covered.