Strategic goals



The strategic vision of the Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency forms the basis of its future activity.

From this point of view, the strategic vision of the Agency is as follows:

To be the leading institution in the determination and implementation of various policy decisions on the labour market, to be effective in combating unemployment, maintain the current level of employment and lead to its future growth with innovative, rational, sustainable and multifaceted measures.




Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency aims to achieve its strategic vision based on the missions it defines. The Agency's mission is as follows:

To develop "citizen-oriented" employment policy decisions in order to reduce unemployment and increase employment,  to determine the requirements of the labour market as well as reconcile the supply and demand of the labour force and approach full employment on the basis of an effective information system and methodologies, to formulate effective measures in the fight against unemployment and to contribute to the development of the professional skills and experience of the workforce and increase their employability, to provide temporary financial support to unemployed persons and to form and develop employment-related activities within the framework of social dialogue, as well as to ensure their implementation.




Within the framework of the Agency's strategic vision and mission, 4 main goals of the institution have been defined:

  • To increase the employment level of the population
  • To approach full employment
  • To support decent work
  • To increase labour productivity




Based on the Agency's strategic vision, mission, and goals, the following directions have been determined:

  • To improve the normative legal framework and institutional structure in the field of labour market regulation
  • To develop workforce skills and improve labour standards
  • To expand the scope and efficiency of active labour market policies, to strengthen the integration into the labour market of citizens in need of special social protection and have difficulty finding a job
  • To promote social dialogue and prevent informal labour relations
  • To develop labour market monitoring and forecasting system




The Agency considers the following principles as the pillars of its corporate culture and conducts its daily activities based on these values and principles:

  • To be citizen oriented
  • To provide quality service
  • To be available
  • To ensure social dialogue and public participation
  • To value staff
  • To be open to change and innovation




Corporate culture is a set of values shared by the staff of each institution. These values are especially important for public administrations that appeal to a large mass of citizens. The Agency, together with its staff, is guided by its core values in every decision, thought and behavior in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities to all its stakeholders. 

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Transparency
  • Results orientation
  • Objectivity
  • Civic orientation